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My Friends 2008 Bonzini World Cup Part3

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Part 3. These are clips of some of my friends from around the world. Some I have known for a while now and some are new friends. Most of them are the top Bonzini players from around the world. Players and Countries include: Farid, Jean Bernard Wernert, London, France, Ismael - Belgium, The Pink Peril - UK, ITSF Melanie, Algeria, Coen (does his hand song 'Popcorn' - Belgium, Denmark, and Wendy and Tine - Belgium. Here is also what one of my good friends translated for me:
- 0.20 it was Jean-Bernard Wernet and his friend, they said :" My name is Jean-Bernard, I come from Strasbourg the Europeen Capital. 55 years ago, I was the French senior champion, and 12 years ago I was the second french double senior champion"... his friend Brigitte, she said :" I'm Jean-Bernard's friend and I think Jim Parris is very nice. It is a great chance for me to know him since some years and he is very nice. And I come frome Strasbourg too".
- 2.57 it was Benrabah Feti, he said :" Hello Jim, I'm Benrabah Feti from Algeria. I am very happy to see you in Paris. I see you just few days a year but we are allways friend. I remember very well your first participation because it was with me in 2006 Bonzini WWC, and I hope we are still friend".

- 4.09 it was Paul Nunes, he said :"hello Jim, my friend, I am Paul Nunes, I want to congratulate you for your victory this week. And I want to say to you that you are a very, very good man".